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Laser Tattoo Removal Manchester by Juliet Laser

Juliet Laser is a specialist laser tattoo removal Manchester clinic, offering laser tattoo removal from just £20 per treatment.

Juliet started her laser tattoo removal Manchester business back in 2013 with a view to helping those who have tattoo regrets. Tattoos are now more popular than ever before yet many people still fall out of love with their ink. 


Juliet Laser provides tattoo removal Manchester for anyone who has tattoo regrets. Whether you have an ex’s name you regrettably hate to see, or a bad artistic experience that has left you with a poor quality tattoo, or even a change to your body image that was simply the result of a drunken bit of fun, our tattoo removal Manchester Service can facilitate all reasons for tattoo removal.


Juliet can offer years of experience, along with a warming personality to facilitate the best service in your tattoo removal journey. With an exceptional reputation, Juliet laser is the place to go for all things tattoo removal.


How does Juliet Laser provide such a high quality tattoo removal Manchester Service?

Juliet has years of experience in tattoo removal. She has built up a reputable business mostly due to the recommendations of past patients. Juliet also possesses a warming likeable nature that allow patients to feel as comfortable as possible in what can be a daunting experience.


Put that together with the latest in industry technologies, such as laser machinery and aftercare creams, and combine that with the cutting edge techniques that Juliet has learnt whilst undergoing intensive and up to date training courses, then you have the perfect recipe for the optimal care and service during your laser tattoo removal experience.


For any tattoo removal Manchester enquiries, Juliet would be happy to provide honest feedback and advice as to how to start your tattoo removal journey.


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If you have a tattoo removal enquiry, then Juliet can help

For the best tattoo removal service in Manchester then look no further than Juliet Laser. We understand how important it is not just to receive the best possible laser tattoo removal results, but also pre care, aftercare, and the best value for money; Juliet can offer this at her Manchester clinic. 

Honesty, professionalism, caring and experience, you might regret your tattoo but you won’t regret your tattoo removal.

Multiple sessions are required

↓ HOW DOES laser tattoo removal WORK? ↓

In very simple terms, the laser fires an intense pulse of light that travels through the skin and impacts with the ink causing it to break up into tiny particles. The body’s immune system then flushes these particles away using its white blood cells resulting in the fading and removal of the tattoo.


Whilst a lot of the tattoos we treat fully disappear we cannot guarantee 100% removal to any of our clients – in fact, nobody in this industry can give this guarantee, but our before and after pictures can give you a good idea of how well the process works


It is not something that you can rush slow and steady is the best way for optimum results We recommend to our clients that they wait at least 6 weeks between treatments. The reason for this is not just for the skin to heal, normally the healing process takes between 3-14 days, but to allow the body’s immune system a chance to dispose of the the ink particles broken up by the laser treatment. If you have treatments too close together you are not getting the full benefit from each session which potentially means more treatments costing more money.


With the high quality technology used we expect there to be no scarring however as with all treatments on the skin we can give no guarantees. The biggest risk to the skin is during the aftercare period the client needs to avoid picking, scratching and specifically the sun and sunbeds


Yes, it does hurt but not too much, some people more than others. The sensation is likened to being flicked by an elastic band or being hit by hot fat from a frying pan. The good thing though is that it is fast, you are also welcome to use numbing cream (patch test if you haven’t used before) which I recommend you apply thick onto the tattoo before you leave to come to your appointment.

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